Bunny Donald does not admit, that now it is time for another Santa

Bunny Donald, it‘s time to go!

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Dear US citizens

Imagine, the current Easter bunny, is narcissistic, egocentric, corrupt and full of (you name it).. He decides, that his term is not over yet and refuses to have sleepy Santa taking over to make all mail-in wishes true at Christmas. If you really believe that Donald Trump's victory got stolen by the Democrats, you also believe in Santa Claus and Easter bunny! Your current president, is a sick person, more frightening however, is how spineless and anti-democratic the Republican party behaves, it is a shame.

I could not care less about your country, since I am living in Europe. But please, please get back to the boring political normal, collaborate and work together for your country. During the last four years, Europe's media got hijacked by Mr. Trump. We read monthly, weekly, even daily ridiculous, nonsense News and are astonished, that it is possible, the bar can be lowered further! Please take him out of the White House office and start to ignore him.

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