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You may know this guy, blond hair red hat and ignoring the climate change!


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We all know Trump is mental probably not so healthy, as he believes. More frightening, however is the spineless behavior of the GOP, the Republicans. Unfortunately, the behavior of these people also affects us from Europe, this is why I am feeling to publish this cartoon.

From the Dakota native Americans, there is an important wisdom, says ...

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Dear US citizens

Imagine, the current Easter bunny, is narcissistic, egocentric, corrupt and full of (you name it).. He decides, that his term is not over yet and refuses to have sleepy Santa taking over to make all mail-in wishes true at Christmas. If you really believe that Donald Trump's victory got stolen by the Democrats, you also believe ...

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There is one simple solution to shut-up this unbelievable, silly, egocentric and society damaging blond narcist. If everybody push the "unfollow" button in Twitter, if there is no answer to his provocation, he would shrink and become insignificant forever. Please ignore him and the world would be relieved.

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Coronavirus is a burden with no treatment option and can be deadly. The Trumporonavirus is even more deadly, the good News: We have a treatment. Stop following him in Twitter. Our reaction to his tweets is like food for him. Let's ignore and unfollow him and he will starve!

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