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You may know this guy, blond hair red hat and ignoring the climate change!


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2020 was a difficult Year, let's hope 2021 will be better (at least the second half of the year). The 3 Kings may consider to provide this year Mask, Disinfectant and hopefully powerful Vaccines!

Happy Christmas and a healthy, great 2021 to all of you

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Let's forget the dark 2020, I am looking forward to enjoy in 2021 again travelling, having fun with friends and don't spend all the time in home office. I am missing the coffee breaks with my working colleagues!

2021 will be better, the vaccines are coming and COVID is hopefully going.

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(F)rohe Festtage und ein gesundes, spannendes, hoffentlich bald Trump-freies 2020! Beruflich muss ich wie Rudolph viel Reisen, ich werde aber versuchen den CO2 Verbrauch anders zu kompensieren, wie zum Beispiel mit myclimate.org!

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